ECOBOT Scrubber 50 Pro

cleaning robot

Scrubber 50

Fully autonomous cleaning robot that automatically recharges itself and exchanges water.
The Scrubber 50 Pro is the ideal helper for cleaning highly dynamic indoor areas such as shopping malls, small and medium-sized supermarkets, manufacturing plants and logistics warehouses.

Think ecology The 4-stage filtration system saves up to 70% of water.

Many types of floors

Scrubber 50 Pro is designed for various types of hard, waterproof floors, including natural stone floors, PVC and vinyl floors, ceramic tiles, epoxy surfaces, concrete, etc.

Minimum human assistance

The Scrubber 50 Pro works on its own schedule and requires no human assistance during operation. It has more than 20 sensors that allow it to sense its surroundings, avoid obstacles and prevent collisions.

Cleaning zones

The Scrubber 50 Pro dynamically maps and plans cleaning paths, mapping an area of up to 2000 m² in 30 minutes. It has a minimum turning radius for tight spaces. It can also be integrated with a lift. The robot then relocates itself and can clean several floors.

Fleet management system

Thanks to the fleet management system and user-friendly interface, you can remotely monitor the operation of the Scrubber 50 Pro and view the cleaning report. Have detailed work reports and alerts sent to you via email or SMS. and elevator integration options. The robot then relocates itself and can clean several floors.


Routine maintenance and servicing requires only 2 hours per month, which greatly increases productivity. and the possibility of integration with the elevator. The robot then relocates itself and can clean several floors.

Integrated workstation

The robot automatically returns to its work station, drains the waste water and flushes the water tank, refills the tank with clean water and recharges itself to be ready for the next task.


The workstation has been designed to increase the endurance of the ECOBOT. The Scrubber 50 Pro automatically arrives at the workstation to recharge, discharges dirty water and draws clean water again.

Scrubber 50

Technical specifications

Dimensions 860 x 700 x 1030 mm

Cleaning range720 mm

Cleaning efficiency up to 1200 m²/h

Battery Lithium (LFP)

Average life up to 3 hodiny

Maximum power 1000 W

Voltage 24 V

Robot motor power300 W

Brush motor power 2 x 150 W

noise level 55 – 70 dB

Brush rotation speed up to 270 RPM

Water suction motor power 150 W

Ecobot weight 214 kg

Battery weight 15 kg

Max. vacuum pressure 18 kPa

Clean water tank 24 litres (3-stage filtration)

Waste water tank18 litres

Speed 0 – 3,6 km/h

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