ECOBOT Scrubber 75

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The ECOBOT Scrubber 75 is probably the first scrubbing robot that offers a solution for poorly cleaned surfaces. Thanks to the revolutionary Tornado technology and the ingeniously designed bevelled brush head, the robot gets into hard-to-reach areas. The Scrubber is a champion cleaner, capable of cleaning up to 3000 m² per hour.

To ensure that cleaning is carried out to a high quality, efficiently and economically.

The robot is an ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor areas - parking areas, airports, train stations, shopping malls, supermarkets, manufacturing companies, warehouses or squares.


Smart and simple operation

There is nothing like the most advanced technology combined with simplicity. Our user-friendly interface tablets are easy to work with for all operators, regardless of age or education. In fact, we designed it based on the experiences shared with us by cleaning service providers around the world. The application is clear with a sophisticated graphical interface and multi-level access. The Scrubber 75 also maps very quickly. By navigating through the new environment in manual mode, it easily generates a visual and editable map.

Smart management

Browse all the data dashboards and work reports of all your robots, using a cloud-based interface. Have detailed job reports and alerts sent to you via email or SMS.


Autonomous intelligence

The best hardware is only as good as its brain. That's why we used the latest hardware and combined SLAM technology, we designed patented software so that the Scrubber 75 always knows exactly which area has been cleaned and which hasn't.

Better performance

Safety is our first priority. State-of-the-art artificial intelligence technology can detect and recognise static obstacles 2 centimetres wide and 6 centimetres high. The robot uses a total of 23 sensors of four types, including 3D LiDAR. It can wash up to 3,000 m² per hour in one charge (6 hours of operation). In addition, it dynamically plans its route, avoids obstacles and in real time and automatically resumes after an interruption.


Champion for parking areas

The ECOBOT Scrubber 75 P also features microwave radars for faster and more accurate perception and mapping of dynamic surroundings in parking lots. Do you need a master at scrubbing parking areas? The Scrubber 75 P is the ideal autonomous robot for you! The workstation has been designed to increase ECOBOT's endurance. Scrubber 75 automatically arrives at the workstation to recharge, discharges dirty water and pulls clean water back in.

Technical specifications

Dimensions 370 x 962 x 1417

Cleaning range 750 mm

Maximum productivity až 3000 m²/h

Batery Lithium-ion (LFP)

Average runtime 4—6 hours

Maximum output 2000 W

Voltage 24 V

Motor power 400 W

Brush drive power 3 x 150 W

Rotation speed až 270 RPM

Suction motor power 500 W

Robot weight 400 kg

Battery weight 64 kg

Battery capacita 240 Ah

Clean water tank 75 litres (4-stage filtration)

Solution tank 50 litres

Speed 0—4 km/h

Noise level 55—70 dBA

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