robot X1 Pro

for the catering industry

Introducing the X1 PRO delivery robot from Gausium. From one point to another, the robot is able to deliver food, drinks, dishes or documents and other things you need. The robot has advanced localization capability, senses the environment using Gausium's navigation technology and cutting-edge sensor system. With an optional AI camera for human detection, the robot will proactively interact with people to help you attract more visitors to your business.

Where technology meets affordability

Delivery X1 is an autonomous delivery robot. It provides a cost-effective intelligent delivery solution for the hospitality industry, where labor shortages and rising labor costs are the biggest challenges. As the first product in a line of delivery robots, the X1 performs basic point-to-point autonomous delivery of food, beverages or miscellaneous loads. The autonomous delivery robot has advanced localization and environmental sensing capabilities, which are supported by Gausium's cutting-edge navigation technology and state-of-the-art sensor system. It also uses advanced shock mitigation mechanisms to ensure stable, spill-proof delivery.

Key Features

Operation without marks

Easy setup without scanning a QR code, saving 75% of deployment time while protecting the internal site design.

Smart bins

Equipped with weight sensors and LED lights that indicate the status of the load and automatically exit when empty

Shock mitigation

Independent automotive-grade chassis suspension provides the best shock mitigation effect for a stable and durable delivery process.

Navigation in narrow paths

Effortlessly travels through aisles as narrow as 65 cm with the support of high-precision sensors.

High-performance battery

Using lithium phosphate batteries - higher thermal stability and 6 times longer life than conventional lithium ternary batteries.

Collaboration with multiple robots

Collaboration with multiple robots The ability to implement inter-robot communication so that robots can collaborate on large workplaces.

Increase productivity and reduce costs

With a load capacity of up to 30 kg, the X1 PRO can serve up to three tables at once. The delivery robot has batteries that won't let you down. Using lithium phosphate batteries, they have higher thermal stability and 6 times longer life than conventional ternary lithium batteries. Another positive of the robot is that it calculates the most efficient way to save energy. These key features, together with the affordable price, promise a quick return on investment and help you reduce your operating costs in a short time.

Simplify service

Don't worry about a lengthy deployment. Get the robot up and running without a complicated QR location code scan. This will save up to 75% of the implementation time while not interfering with the interior of the site. The trays are equipped with weight sensors and LED lights that sense and signal the fill status. When the customer removes the load, the robot automatically departs.

Avoiding obstacles and shock mitigation

No more spilled drinks! We have introduced an independent suspension chassis from the automotive environment to ensure smooth and stable delivery. The X1 PRO robot's navigation algorithms are based on a combination of LiDAR and 3D depth cameras, providing a high level of environmental perception and smart obstacle avoidance. Is your business cosy, full of furniture? X1 can handle narrow aisles up to 65 cm wide thanks to its high-precision sensors.

Technical specifications

Dimensions 515 x 531 x 1310 mm

Tray size  410 x 500 mm

Weight without load  38 kg

Tray size  397 x 495 mm

Tray capacity  10 kg * 3

batery capacity  20 Ah

Maximum output power  230 W

Batery life  14—20 hours

Charging time  4,5 hodiny

Minimum passage widht  650 mm

Minimum turning width  700 mm

Braking distance 40 mm

Sensing LiDAR, 3D camera

Speed 1,2 m/s

Pich angle  ≤ 5°

Display size  10 inches

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