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Thanks to their efficiency and speed, robots can reduce the cost of human labour while reducing delivery or cleaning time. In addition, their ability to work around the clock increases flexibility and reliability. As a result, they improve overall efficiency and customer satisfaction.


The robots are designed to be versatile, which includes the ability to deliver various types of goods from food to medical supplies. With advanced navigation systems, the robots can operate in a variety of environments, from indoor spaces to city streets.


Safety is key with robots. Most of these robots are equipped with sophisticated sensors and cameras that allow them to sense their surroundings and react to obstacles and unexpected situations. Navigation algorithms and artificial intelligence ensure that the robots move in a safe manne


The ease of use of robots is another key factor that makes them attractive to a wide range of users. Most of these robots are designed to autonomously navigate to their destination, minimizing the need for human supervision

Different usage scenarios

Logistics warehouses

Production and industry

Restaurants and cafes

Medical facilities


Office buildings

How robots increase customer satisfaction

Robots increase customer satisfaction in several ways. Their speed and efficiency in delivering parcels often reduces waiting times, which is very appealing to customers. Accuracy is another factor; thanks to sophisticated navigation and tracking systems, the likelihood of delivery errors is minimized. Not to be overlooked is the repetitiveness and unusualness of the experience, associated with, for example, operating a robot in a restaurant. Trust that your customers will love the robots.

About us

We are a Czech business and service company fascinated by robotics and creative approaches to everyday operations. We focus on the sale, rental and hire of innovative robots that can help make human work more efficient through their versatile use.

Innovation, creativity and streamlining are our goal that robots represent. That is why we would like to introduce our robots to you in everyday practice and in your company. Do not hesitate to contact us and try them out.

We are confident that you will be as enthusiastic as we are.


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