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Do you want to improve the quality of your service? Do you like the idea of your customers leaving you with an unforgettable experience? We have a solution for you! Introducing the cutest robotic attendant called BellaBot, which ensures efficient delivery of food, dishes, napkins, documents and other items.

Unique delivery robot

With its innovative bionic design, attractive shape, voice AI, multimodal interaction and many other new features, the Gastro Robot offers users an unprecedented experience with food delivery robots. BellaBota meets all HORECA requirements, can be used in restaurants, hotels, bars, cafes, office buildings

Efficient delivery

The Bella robotic waitress ensures efficient delivery of food, dishes, napkins, documents and other items. Another of its strengths is the voice announcement of the table number and its exact arrival at the destination. Upon arrival, it prompts customers.


Satisfied customers

While BellaBot delivers the food, the staff can focus on other services. Servers can give their full attention to customers (e.g. greeting them and recommending local specialties), which increases customer satisfaction. Bella can also handle the busy delivery during lunch and dinner. Customers will be happier and you will save on operating costs.and in other commercial spheres.

Key benefits


Inspired by the popular cat, the BellaBot gastro robot is unique thanks to its bionic design. The artificial intelligence voice system enables dialogues with customers in different contexts. In addition, when you touch its ears or forehead, BellaBot responds with different expressions and voices.


The BellaBot robotic operator offers a high level of safety and is equipped with 3D sensors and a new modular chassis. When it detects an obstacle, it can turn anywhere and safely deliver food to customers without collisions or spills. In the event of any obstacle, it can react within half a second.

Easy to use

The Gastro Robot simultaneously uses two SLAM navigation systems that guarantee precision and ease of use and adapts to any space. It handles obstacles without you having to mark them. It selects the optimal route according to the operating environment.


Each Bellabot can deliver approximately 400 meals and drinks. They free the servers from repetitive and demanding work and allow them to attend to more guests.


The Bellabot can hold large trays (41 x 50mm), which allows you to load twice as much food on one tray as with manual delivery.


You can use the delivery mode with several robots operating simultaneously. They can easily handle smaller spaces of a few hundred meters to spaces larger than ten thousand m2.

The BellaBot food delivery robot is a cute and innovative bionic system and offers many new features. Voice recognition using artificial intelligence and customer interaction turn every restaurant visit into an exceptional experience.

Technical specifications

Dimensions 565 x 537 x 1290 mm

Tray size 410 x 500 mm

Load space 385 x 480 mm

Weight  57 kg

Load capacity up to 40 kg

Battery capacity 25,2 V / 25,6 Ah

Battery life 12—14 hours

Charging time 4,5 hours

Sensing Min.  size of object detected as obstacle: 35 x 50 x 100 mm

Transmission Up to 20 robots of the same version can be transmitted simultaneously

Speed 0,5—1,2 m/s (adjustable)

Pitch angle ≤ 5°

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