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Pujcovna robotu

Are you planning a party, event or other social event that you would like to spice up? Rent a robot from us that will reliably make any event more interesting.







Do you have a labour shortage and your operating costs are rising? Do you want to deepen the relationship between staff and customers and leave the routine work to the edges?

We have a solution for you! Our robots are designed for restaurants, hotels, cafes, hospitals, exhibitions, banquets or office buildings. They can hold loads up to 30 kg and serve up to three tables in one delivery. What's more? It's affordable.

The robots offer an unprecedented experience to its users thanks to its innovative bionic design, appealing shape, voice AI functionality, multimodal interaction and many other new features. They meet all HORECA requirements. They can be used in restaurants, hotels, bars, cafes, office buildings, logistics centers and other commercial spheres.

They also offer a high level of safety, being equipped with 3D sensors and a new modular chassis. When they detect an obstacle, they can turn anywhere and safely deliver food to customers without collisions or spills. In the event of any obstacle, they can react within half a second.

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