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Phantas is a commercial floor cleaning robot that boldly integrates 4 floor cleaning modes, giving it unrivalled versatility and usabilityfor cleaning areas with different floor types, both hard and soft.

Every inch counts

Phantas is probably the smallest commercial floor cleaning robot the industry has ever seen. Thanks to its compact size, the robot can effortlessly navigate and clean narrow aisles and under-table areas. With a side brush and high-precision sensors, Phantas is able to clean along edges with 0cm from the edges. Easy access to tight spots and powerful edge cleaning capacity ensure maximum cleaning coverage - Phantas takes care of every inch of your floor space!

AI-Powered, learning while cleaning

Phantas offers easy and seamless mapping and map editing via touch screen and mobile app, without the need for professionals or external tools. In a dynamic environment, Phantas finds and updates the map in real time. Multisensor fusion gives Phantas a 3D perception of the environment, greatly enriching its knowledge of the surrounding environment. Phantas offers various path planning modes to customize your cleaning schedule, including zigzag motion, square spiral motion, and automatic spot cleaning.

Smart obstacle avoidance

Phantas detects static and dynamic obstacles from all directions and performs autonomous intelligent avoidance in real time, creating collision-free paths in your workspaces. Unlike many commercial cleaning robots, Phantas is powered by deep learning-based algorithms and trained with millions of real-world images. It has a robust ability to recognize obstacles and make behavioral decisions based on the types and characteristics of obstacles. e.g., it would bypass electrical wires rather than going directly through them.

4x greater efficiency

Phantas incorporates Gausium's pioneering Auto Spot Cleaning into its journey planning. In this mode, the robot scans the cleanliness of the adjacent floor and autonomously performs spot cleaning where waste is detected. When the robot encounters waste that is too large to clean up, it sends messages to operators via the app. By cleaning only where needed, Phantas delivers up to 400% improvement in efficiency and significantly reduces water, energy and chemical consumption.

One stop and he's ready again

Phantas is paired with a charging dock to minimize human intervention during operation. It is capable of performing self-service by autonomously connecting to the docking station. An optional water tank cart is available to save you the hassle of refilling water.

All in one place

The Gausium app allows you to control floor cleaning from anywhere, anytime. It offers a wealth of options such as map editing, remote control, job scheduling, data reporting, etc.

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