Vacuum 40

Vacuuming Ecobot

Vacuum 40

A fully autonomous vacuum cleaner that is one of the quietest. It is one of the experts in vacuuming floors. Vacuum 40 can be used in office buildings, banks, hospitals as well as small shopping centres and pavilions.

Vacuum 40

Advanced safety and navigation system

To achieve the highest cleaning productivity, it is equipped with first-class safety sensors and an advanced navigation system with artificial intelligence. It uses LiDAR, depth cameras and ultrasonic sensors to detect objects and avoid obstacles.

Cleans with the first wave of the brush

Its high suction and brushing power can also cope with otherwise difficult to remove dust from the carpet. The power of the suction motor is 560 W with a maximum air flow of 2 m³/min. The side brushes on the front allow the Vacuum 40 to clean even areas along the edges. The brushes are adjustable for different surfaces.and ultrasonic sensors.


Easily switch between stand-alone and manual mode to clean up minor imperfections and stains. You can monitor the Ecobot's work and view the cleaning report. and ultrasonic sensors.

Easy maintenance

Routine maintenance and servicing requires only 2 hours per month, which greatly increases productivity.

Charging station

The charging docking station is designed to increase the robot's endurance. When the Vacuum 40 battery runs out, the robot can automatically return to the charging dock to recharge. Once charging is complete, it can automatically resume its previous activity.

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Technical specifications

Dimensions 700 x 570 x 850 mm

Cleaning range 720 mm

Cleaning efficiency up to 1200 m2/h

Battery Lithium (LFP)

Average life up to 3 hours

Battery capacity 40 Ah

Voltage 24 V

Robot motor power 560 W

Brush motor power 200 W

Brush rotation speed up to 1000 RPM

Rotary brush dimensions 90 x 440 mm

Ecobot weight 80 kg

Side brush dimensions 180 mm

Max. vacuum pressure 18 kPa

Dust container capacity 12 litres

Waste bin tank 2,5 litres

Speed 0 – 2 km/h

Noise level 55-70 dBA

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