Lucki PRO

Delivery robot

Doručovací robot Lucki PRO

Lucki PRO comes with an exclusive food recognition camera that can automatically identify and present dishes, enabling real-time data analysis and standardization for restaurant chains. Its intelligent 360° light lamp automatically illuminates the food tray, simplifying service and adding a touch of ritual to the whole process.

Unimaginable interactive experience

Lucki PRO features the largest interactive display on the market - a 14.1-inch screen with a wide viewing angle and clear content display. The large display features enhanced service software and a new high-tech user interface that delivers an immersive interactive experience for users. When it comes to voice interaction, Lucki PRO uses the most powerful AI voice capability on the market, achieves 90% voice recognition accuracy with six microphones, and can handle noisy environments.

Roznáškový robot Lucki PRO

Superiority in delivery

Lucki PRO adopts an almost circular chassis for better space utilization and greatly improves the robot's mobility. Industry-exclusive torsion suspension enhances adaptability to different types of ground. The large diameter and higher motor torque increase load capacity and stability. The application is clear with a sophisticated graphical interface and multi-level access. The Scrubber 75 also maps very quickly. By navigating through the new environment in manual mode, it easily generates a visual and editable map.

Lucki PRO is equipped with top navigation and detection capabilities, thanks to its 240° range lidar and three RGB-D cameras, the robot can detect obstacles in three dimensions without blind spots. The carrying capacity of Lucki PRO has been increased by 50%, allowing it to carry loads up to 60 kg and tray loads up to 15 kg. The battery, with a 64% increased capacity, allows continuous operation for up to 16 hours and charging time is just 4 hours.

Incomparable marketing and promotional capabilitie

Lucki PRO's interactive display allows you to play customised marketing content. Marketing via robot is a powerful tool for attracting customers, and the large Lucki PRO display makes it even more noticeable. OrionStar's powerful voice interaction enables the desired marketing effect.

Roznáškový robot Lucki PRO

Technical specifications

Dimensions 525 mm × 550 mm × 1375 mm

Weight 59 kg

Colour Pearl white + Elegant black

Body material High strength PC+ABS (food grade plastic material)

Screen size 14-inch; 1080P

Tray 3 layers

Load capacity per tray 15 kg

Maximum load 60 kg

Movement speed 0.5~1.2 m/s (adjustable)

Charging time 3.5 hours

Hardware Qualcomm 8-Core Chip + Industrial Grade MCUs

Operating System Deeply customized RobotOS based on Android 9.0

Lidar navigation system*1 + 3D depth camera*3 + Mono camera*2
Upper IR camera*1 + Odometer + IMU*3

Microphone 6 microphone. 6 fields, 360° sound source location, 5 m sound range

Battery life 4~16 hours

Positioning accuracy Centimeter level

4G connectivity (TDD-LTE, FDD-LTE support); WIFI (2.4G/5G support)

Charging Cable charging, Auto docking station

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